Summer is the Time for Food Trucks

Trending all over the country, food trucks are a great way to get out in the summer, try new cuisines and get the entire family involved!

Summer food-truck festivals and rallies also seem to be catching on and the number of food-truck vendors and cuisine choices are constantly increasing.

What’s best about food trucks is their mobility. You can catch one in your area just by following them via social media.

Food trucks cater events and parties. Pricing for these catered events varies, so the best thing to do is call the food truck. In most cases, food trucks are flexible with adapting to your specific event and budget.

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Food Truck Revenue Growth

The food truck industry, which is the fastest-growing channel in today’s food service industry, has grown by 12.4 percent over the past five years.[1] The food truck trend continues to accelerate as entrepreneurs use them to enter the restaurant industry and sometimes spin off brick-and-mortar operations.

The mobile food industry is in it’s seventh year of consistent growth and the 2015 food truck industry statistics show that annual food truck revenue is at $1.2 billion. A representative at Emergent Research stated that, as projected in 2012, food trucks are on track to be a $2.7 billion dollar industry by 2017.


[1] Statistic Brain: Aug 2016